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          • https://www.townandcountrymag.com/society/politics/a25412038/george-w-bush-eulogy-for-father-george-hw-bush-full-transcript/. Click it and listen to the Bush's Eulogy for his father. Reply
          • Sino-Africa Summit is coming, with ceaseless security check, heavy traffic jam and common financial loss for inevitable late arrival in company. Reply
          • Being or living? Reply
          • Sometimes, employment is just a conspiracy that the employer against employee. Reply
          • Farewell to the weary beginning and long for the peaceful ending Reply
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          • johnsonwu published a new blog 6-22 14:36
            How to Concentrate?
            I ever shruggedoff the viewpoint that one would not learn well after the prime time, and firmly believed that I could do a better job so long as I pe ...
          • johnsonwu published a new blog 10-15 15:45
            Care or Hurt?
            The clock were striking six-forty, I scrubbed my sleepy eyes, sit up, dressed, washed and dashed out within ten minutes. A swirl of chilling ...
          • johnsonwu published a new blog 10-13 12:57
          Faded Away on the Way to New Life 2019-06-16
          As soon as I opened the door, I caught an unusual look on my wife's face, who was lying on the couch as usual. The only difference was tha ...
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          Jingding Bridge of Shichahai in the Chilling Winter 2019-02-13
          As early as more than ten years ago, I stepped on the land of the most promising city, Beijing, in the northern China. Shichahai has been the most ap ...
          (117) Views|(0) Replies
          Which is More Important-Process or Result? 2019-01-28
              Over past six months, I was reminded again and again that result should be attached more attention than process. In other words, y ...
          (127) Views|(0) Replies
          A Strange Woman in Metro Station 2018-12-16
               I peeped at the darkness outside, and noticed it was only 19:00. Most of my colleagues were concentrating on work, and none of th ...
          (188) Views|(0) Replies
          Winter Day 2018-12-09
          When wiring already became a part of life and a sort of bread-winner, I also felt it could be used as a valve to release the overwhelming pressure in ...
          (194) Views|(0) Replies

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