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          Mega Ruixue year of 2019

          464 views. 2019-2-14 00:06 |Individual Classification:Personel Diary| 2019年

          As the time is always passing fast, it has been the tenth day of the vacations of Spring Festival. The Spring Festival is the most important Chinese traditional festival, being worth celebrating with entire family. To Chinese people, family gathering, family meal and visiting friends and relatives etc. are essential during this festival, which is not expected for us either. 

          After six years of working in SH, I have my own family of three, so in order to take care of both families the vacations should be shared with. On New Year’s Eve, we took the annual reunion dinner with my parents. Then we went to the hometown of my wife on the first day of the festival. The relatives of my wife were very hospitable and we almost every day had the delicious meals of local flavor prepared by them. No need to get up early and no pressure from job, eating and sleeping are the theme of these days, which makes us live like a happy pig.
          In night of the third day, there was a heavy snowfall here, which might be not encountered every year. I was very lucky to view the snow scene of Riverside Park, which is said to be one of the most famous views of the city (please see attached photos).


          But we cannot help say "the happy time is always short" in the end of the vacations. I was wondering what the happy time for us is. The happy time was enjoying delicious meal, irregular living schedule or no external pressure from job, financial situation and interpersonal politics etc. I think the last one can explain why most of us have no way of really enjoying our own lives. But in the jungle of mankind, what can make you live easily? Some people say it is money, or getting rich overnight; some people say it needs to practice one’s own spirit by turning to religion; some people say it should attempt self-change…   

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