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          • Antique.Luc published a new blog 2-22 22:00
            Timing List of Working Day
            Whatever, I must travel across the city two times a day to go to work, making full use of common transport of the city. To avoid being late in ...
          Another Stealing fire - Mental Flow 2019-08-18
            I learned about the conception of Mental Flow from a TV program of introducing new books. This time, the TV presenter interpreted a new boo ...
          (70) Views|(0) Replies
          Recording Weekly 2019-08-17
          This is Saturday, the final day of this week. Whatever it may be also the second last day, based on our own calculating habit in China. A ...
          (169) Views|(0) Replies
          Another diary of my colleague: Annual Inspection Expired? 2019-08-17
          The Djiboutians are generally amicable to our Chinese living in Djibouti. They often greet us warmly “Ni Hao”, when we were walking in st ...
          (47) Views|(0) Replies
          Translate an article of my colleague : Who Pulled the Fuse Out? 2019-05-01
          " Around 10 a.m., power cut took place, which is a common thing in Djibouti. And then, self-provided diesel generator was launched automatica ...
          (120) Views|(0) Replies
          Say Hello in Djibouti 2019-05-01
          (101) Views|(0) Replies

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