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          Portable shoe cabinet

          44 views. 2019-8-26 13:49

          I cannot say I love to buy shoe cabinets for the hill of shoes at home, I must say I have to clear up the shoe which I have fed it up to my head. I told my daughter many times, please don’t buy too many shoe, some of them in one style just in different color, we don’t have enough space for your babies, my dear baby. I don’t understand such her age girl addition shoe so much, thousand shoe including high heeled shoes, sport shoe, knee boot and short boot, even some of them are still new with the sticker, nonmoving item put into corner for long time. Even She and I have the same size, only a few of pair I can wear it.

          I know my daughter has her special eyes for the shoes, maybe that was my fault for terrible education since beginning. One day I talked to my daughter seriously, we have to think about how to make it up, I cannot suffer such mess in our home. I was determined to look the shoe shelf or cabinet on the internet, I was going to put it into the third floor of Pan Shan home, even I said before I hate to say the home is the storeroom, but where I can put it? Throw away? Donate? Second hand selling? No matter how? I have to find the place first.

          Shoe cabinet I only can accept the portable one, which is easy to make it, that’s why I bought the shoe box like the toy. Please see the pictures.

          The last weekend, Tiger was on business trip, I was eager to fix it early, I thought it was good time for me to concentrate to do one thing; otherwise I may clear the room or cook the meal for Tiger  once a week.

          So on Saturday early morning I drove 80 km away to PanShan by myself, starting at 7.30 am to install the box following the instruction step by step. My breakfast is normally after 8.30am, so too early I did not want to eat anything in front of such big headache, I have to work like a horse, I am not smart on fix such man thing even there was a paper telling me the procedure, after one or two hours, please the picture, the shoe box was build up. And then I was starting put the shoes one by one into the boxes, I realized there were about 120 piece more till 1.30am, it took me about six hours, unbelievable it was done by myself! I forgot the time, I can not stand up with my terrible waist.

          My daughter blame me afterward, Mama, if you had something emergency in the single room, nobody knew where you are? How dangerous you are? I love my daughter; she is sensible and thoughtful for her parents. I can do anything for her and I have no any complains. 

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