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          • No matter how much a person drugs himself, if he constantly focuses on what he can’t control in life and what’s missing, he won’t find it hard to despair. Reply
          • Our main business is not to see what lies dimly at a distance, but to do what lies clearly at hand. Reply
          • Most undercapitalized traders destroy themselves by overtrading, trying to squeeze unrealistic returns from their tiny accounts. Reply
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          Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, My DioEnglish Friends! 2015-12-24
          (1054) Views|(7) Replies
          Happy New Year 2015! 2014-12-31
          My DioEnglish Friends,  I wish you great time ahead and may you achieve all that you wish for. May 2015 be wonderful.  May the stars car ...
          (979) Views|(8) Replies
          Share one of my favorite motivational videos with all my DioEnglish friends 2014-12-03
          http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XNjE0MjYzMjMy/v.swf Dream - Motivational Video (by Mateusz M) I don’t know what that dream is ...
          (3014) Views|(13) Replies
          Money = Happiness? 2014-10-02
          Nowadays, money worship is becoming more and more popular in Chinese society, and I am so sorry for that. My experience told me that money is just a ...
          (1826) Views|(19) Replies
          There's no such thing as a free lunch 2014-09-21
          I've always heard people complaining about the China's stock market, about the performance of listed companies, about the bad economic policy from Ch ...
          (1507) Views|(12) Replies

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          Gillian's 2018-3-1 10:39
          I am a new member here, may I ask if there is an App for dioEnglish?
          RayY 2018-1-20 11:08
          Hey. This is my first time use this blog and unfortunately put the user name as what it unexpected.

          Is there any way to change the user name in this sit.  

          Really appreciate for the answer.
          kuin 2017-7-3 11:03
          Is the function of pictures' upload down? I can’t update photos.
          freefu55 2016-11-28 20:29
          Please give me a chance if I break the rules. Thank you!
          freefu55 2016-11-24 12:31
          Hi admin. I can't post blog now. Why?
          it shows message something wrong
          Xingzhewujiang 2016-4-2 09:28
          The god help those who help themselves
          jerrywking 2015-3-16 15:45
          app  for  the   dioenglish????????
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