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          jpliu: School now  open, the campus seems empty with cats. Elders say I’d find them round staff quarters since they’re keeping distance from strangers till they find themselves safer to ramble in daylight ...
          Yesterday  09:00 Reply|
          jpliu: Watch Italian Serie A-Juwentus v Naples. A big balance. How many stars Juwentus have? Many. No stars in Naples,pehaps Coulibaly is one who did score against Juwentus – into his own net in last minute ...
          The day before yesterday 09:53 Reply|
          jpliu: “Be a monk a day I’ll toll bell,” delivery man said over the phone,“unless the bell not there.”I can’t help laughing.In my workunit I’m still a monk even with no bell unless the temple not ther ...
          4 days ago Reply|
          jpliu: Lunch time on a park bench under a tree."No day dreaming! I bought only 4, you 2, me 2, " old lady to her husband. The old man, a baozi in hand, was seen groping in a bag looking for something. ...
          5 days ago Reply|
          jpliu: An old lady comforted an old man toddling with a stick from illness. Aware of “Children's children are a crown to the aged”, she only asked his child: “Your kid has a twin? Luck returns of the day! ...
          2019-8-26 18:47 Reply|
          jpliu: Amateur is the photo you take on purpose not worth a second look whereas the photo worthy of a second look not taken seriously.
          2019-8-20 16:34 Reply|
          jpliu: I’m advised to have plenty of water. What’s meant by plenty? Is a meat baozi water? If not, what about a corn? If not, a cup of corn juice? If still not, use a sieve, or further on …
          2019-8-14 20:16 Reply|
          jpliu: Pressed by Maugham’s “The most interesting thing in art is the artist’s personality”I write freely with will.Still not happy with my shufa,I know the personality has to be within the scope of rule ...
          2019-8-13 20:32 Reply|
          jpliu: What a downpour! Worrying about my camera when I saw people stopped at door of a big store.I went in also with a plastic bag only to be out fr another door, comfortably this time strolling in the rain
          2019-8-11 09:52 Reply|
          Translator: Life is a chain of moments of enjoyment, not only about survival.
          2019-8-10 20:58 Reply|
          Translator: The two things that change your life are the people you meet and books you read.
          • teadrinking: Quite right. To be with good people and to read good books help us improve and grow. (8-7 22:45)
          2019-8-3 20:49 Reply|
          jpliu: Time is money. For a taxi driver, waiting for one more minuet means making one Yuan less. Time is money. For low income earners, waiting for one more minuet may mean spending one Yuan less.
          2019-8-2 10:36 Reply|
          wangjide01: Have a short rest after days work.
          2019-7-31 09:54 Reply|
          jpliu: Turning on the TV or hand phone, what you see are different in every minute of the day. Standing on the street, what you see is the same in everyday of the year.
          2019-7-30 20:09 Reply|
          jpliu: In road cycling tour, weaker cyclists take a breath down slope; the strong men accelerate to shake the others off.
          2019-7-28 11:50 Reply|
          jpliu: 13 years ago 10yuan for a night-duty,now 100 yuan. 13 years ago writing for a magazine gave me 100-plus yuan, now increased of course, a little.Hence the opportunity cost for writing is high now.
          2019-7-25 20:23 Reply|
          wangjide01: I begining to read the english edition book slowly,  I think I can do better after reading for a long time.
          2019-7-25 18:37 Reply|
          jpliu: Two baozi for breakfast,one meat, another vegetable plus a cup of soy milk,many people’s choice. The question is how to eat it,for man’s fixed way of thinking is revealed in its fixed way of eating ...
          2019-7-24 08:29 Reply|
          wangjide01: Borrowed a English edition book from community library,  trying to read to get more information and knowledge.
          2019-7-22 09:27 Reply|
          wangjide01: Have a short distance trival from my community to the Pudong airport by my motocycle, it's nice to have the cool wind in the evening.
          2019-7-19 14:29 Reply|


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