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          Shares Hope
          douglas-baily 2019-9-4 22:44
          Before I start another round busy work, I finally have a short free time to write down something regarding my daily work, to be frank, during the past several weeks, I did extremely busy hour even I wanted to quit job immediately. But, my sanity tells me that I can't do this. Not only ...
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          Shares 4 September 2019
          Sumingyu 2019-9-4 19:15
          With our chief permitting, I can go to work a little late provided I conduct my classes in time. 蒙主特許晚上朝,公事不得誤分秒。 This time I wouldn ' t avoid breaking my promise although I rushed to school because I had been further delayed by household chores by a coincidence. ...
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          Shares The moments
          bluephoebe 2019-9-3 19:53
          On September 1st, the day before school started, a 13-year-old boy jumped from 8th floor and killed himself after being scolded by his parents for spending too many time with his cellphone. This news, along with a video of the grief-stricken parents crying over the body, flooded our wechat mo ...
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          Shares The moments
          bluephoebe 2019-9-3 19:53
          96 Normal 0 10 磅 0 2 false false false EN-US ZH-CN X-NONE ...
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          Shares 3 September 2019
          Sumingyu 2019-9-3 19:41
          The swarms of mosquitoes were bearing down menacingly and encircling me in countless tight rings. 蚊軍攻勢一何洶,圍我四萬八千重。 They kept buzzing around me up to midnight in an attempt to suck all my blood and flesh. 欲將血肉吮吸凈,嗡嗡不去至三更。 ...
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          Shares Buying a house in downtown or suburbs?
          Rosanna 2019-9-3 10:02
          Buying a house in downtown or suburbs?
          With the development of the market economy in China, many people have bought or are going to buy houses for themselves. As to where to buy a new house, sometimes it is difficult to make a wise decision. Some people choose to buy house in downtown, because life is very convenient an ...
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          Shares School again
          teadrinking 2019-9-2 23:42
          Again, students go back to school today. It also reminds me of the time I went to school for first time. That was great time studying at school. After graduation from the college, I started to realise it is quite different from what I learnt from school. In practice, experienc ...
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          Shares 2 September 2019
          Sumingyu 2019-9-2 18:50
          With my eyes flashing, I read alone with deep interest far into the autumn night by the lamp. 秋夜深深燈猶亮,目光炯炯書自賞。 How could I retire while kept in suspense? I fell asleep soundly after finishing the tempting part. 未竟懸想焉能憩,讀罷酣然入夢鄕。 ...
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          Shares New School, New Day
          bluephoebe 2019-9-2 16:34
          What a long and hectic week it was! Three days in hospital, two days in school for parents’ assembly, and then a busy weekend preparing for the new school opening, I’m glad finally now, I have some moments to relax. My son’s life in Middle school started fro ...
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          Shares 1 September 2019
          Sumingyu 2019-9-1 12:21
          The contemporary poets and calligraphers lag far behind the ancient sages to catch up with them. 詩書猶推古聖賢,當世尚須仰頭看。 The masterpieces of poetry and calligraphy handed down to us for thousands of years have won immortal fame. Why don’t you, poets and calligraphers in nam ...
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